About Me

I am rubbish at “About Me” type stuff.

My day job is in retail, selling tat to tourists. It is my (meagre) means to funding my nasty geeky and music-based addictions.

I have worked/helped at various events over the years but since moving to full time hours at work I’m more likely to just be an attendee at them nowadays.

I have probably forgotten more than I currently know, but at least it was a lot of fun along the way.

Mystic is old nickname from my early days online (when nicks were encouraged to deflect stalkers!) Now I mostly use it as an umbrella name for my sites.

I also have a music blog at music.booweb.co.uk and I keep the www.keithbadman.com website looking neat and tidy.


Disclosure – Some of the links on posts are affiliate links. There is no obligation to use any of them. Feel free to shop around for products mentioned. Other links may just be sites I like, again there’s no obligation to visit.