By Way Of Introduction

Welcome to the obligatory, cheesy introduction post.

All views expressed are, obviously, my own (or those of any guest bloggers). You may not always agree with my opinions, but that’s groovy, if we all liked the same thing the world would be a very dull place indeed. You are under no obligation to stick around and read my stuff, the internet is a vast and wonderful place so you are bound to find something to fit your tastes out there somewhere.

Hopefully I will be waffling about films, TV, books etc… on a regular basis, but then again I have also been known to hibernate every now and again. Warning – I will obsess over certain things so don’t be startled if I work a reference to whatever is currently floating my boat into pieces randomly.

If you are wondering, Mystic is old nick from the my early days online. I am Anne-Marie really.

Stick around, it may be fun. If not, see above about the internet being a vast and wonderful place.


Author: Anne-Marie

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