Thor Ragna-rocks!

*Spoiler free*

I like the Thor movies. I know this isn’t a popular opinion as they tend to be dark and brooding while Avengers Thor gets to be far more amusing and all that jazz. That said, I’m pretty pleased that with Ragnarok they have brought our hero more inline with the retort-filled, brighter toned movies of the rest of the MCU.

Ragnarok gives plenty of action, lots of “hidden” treats for comic book fans and nothing too dour or bleak. I smiled the whole way through it, and being sufficiently entertained was all I really wanted from the movie.

I’m certain it has put more pieces in place for the next couple of Avengers outings, all of which will become more obvious next summer. I’m hoping we see more of Valkyrie. I like the idea of a hard-drinking warrior woman equally at home downing a flagon of something alcohol as she is taking on the might of the Goddess of Death and her evil army.

For what is essentially just an entertaining romp everyone turns in a great performance. Keep your eyes open for a couple of cameos!

The film is getting a lot of hype from the studio, I can assume because they want to highlight that it is different to the previous Asgardian tales.


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Author: Anne-Marie

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